What is the Public Domain Project?

Mark Buckawicki

click the binoculars

I want to facilitate the addition of one million or more photographs into the public domain.  I’m asking one million people to upload one photograph each. Is that too much to ask? I believe this can be easy.

Each person can create a new WikiMedia Commons profile  or log into their existing profile  and upload one photograph. It’s easy and that’s it!

It can be a photograph of just about anything. All I ask is that when you upload the photograph, you submit it using the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication so that the rest of the world may use this wonderful gift as they please.

There are thousands of vacancies on the shelves of the public domain library. If you try finding a good photograph of a fire extinguisher, an elephant, a cup of coffee, a handshake, or a rush-hour traffic jam, you will find the shelves empty. The empty slots upon the shelves need to be filled with usable photographs. If there are any reasonable photos of everyday items, they typically require potentially confusing licence attributions. In my opinion, attribution and licensing are best left to the professionals.

Do not get me wrong, attribution is great and licensing pays the bills. People work hard for their profession and professionals should be attributed to say the very least. However, photographs of everyday items, taken by amateur photographers, should not need to be attributed. With any of my contributions, attribution is nice but not necessary. I hope to inspire at least a million amateur photographers to feel the same way.

Let’s make #CC0 a thing.

Mark Buckawicki



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