How to Get Started

Thank you for deciding to be a part of the Public Domain Project. Follow the five steps outlined below & you’ll be sharing your images with the world.

1. Create a Wikimedia Commons account

Creating a Wikimedia Commons account is straightforward. Click here to begin! Fill in the required segments then confirm your new account in the email sent to the address you provided. Once you have created an account, you can begin uploading images to Wikimedia Commons.

2. Upload your images

Click the Upload File button in the column menu to left side of the front page of Wikimedia Commons. After you select the images you wish to contribute,  click the Select Media Files to Share button.

Once your image has finished uploading, click continue. At this point, you are prompted to declare if the image you have uploaded is your own work. If you are the photographer who captured the image you’ve uploaded, it’s your own work. Select the This File Is My Own Work option.

information wants to be free3. Select a License

By default, Wikimedia Commons recommends using the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license. Selecting this license does not allow your contribution to be a part of the public domain.

Click the Use A Different License button show other license options.

information wants to be freeOnce the other license options are displayed, select the Creative Commons CC0 (CC0 1.0) Waiver. Click here to read more about CC0 1.0 waiver. Let’s make #CC0 a thing!

4. Add Title, Description, and Categories

Once your image file has uploaded and you have selected the CC0 1.0 Waiver, the image needs an effective title, a general description, and proper categorization. While naming, describing, & categorizing images is not an exact science, click here to see an example of an image that has been named, described, & categorized in an acceptable manner.


information wants to be free5. Share With The Public Domain Project’s Facebook page!

Congratulations! You have succeeded in making a contribution to the public domain. Please go over the the Public Domain Project’s Facebook page and share the Wikimedia Commons link to your contribution. We want to let the world know that another incredible image is now a part of the public domain.

If you’d like more information and guidelines for contributing images to Wikimedia Commons, they offer a great First Steps tutorial page. Please feel free to ask questions below or on the Public Domain Project’s Facebook page.


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